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  Tools & Consumables
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 Adaptor, 1/4 drive to  6.3 mm driver bit   Adaptor, 1/4 drive to 6.3 mm driver bit
GEDORE ADAPTOR 1/4" - 6,3 mm Part no.: 7601436791 Reference no.: 7 RA-6.3 Price unit...read more 
 €13.95  Buy Now 
 Adjustable Push Rod Tool   Adjustable Push Rod Tool
Used for setting up Push Rod length. Ends guess work and wasted Push Rods cut the wro...read more 
 €14.95  Buy Now 
 Blade Fuses Assortment   Blade Fuses Assortment
120 units approx quantity 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 & 5 amp fuses...read more 
 €12.50  Buy Now 
 Booster Cables - Jamping Leads 3.5m   Booster Cables - Jamping Leads 3.5m
Top Quality. 3.5m...read more 
 €55.00  Buy Now 
 Brake Line Bend Tool   Brake Line Bend Tool
Brake pipe bend hand tool--makes an easy job of forming bends in your brake line or pipe...read more 
 €39.95  Buy Now 
 Circlip, Circlips , assorted, 625 pcs   Circlip, Circlips , assorted, 625 pcs
Assorted Cir clip Contents: External: 8, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 15 mm Internal: 9,...read more 
 €22.50  Buy Now 
 Clamping Pliers for O-Clip Hose   Clamping Pliers for O-Clip Hose
KS TOOLS. Professional tool. O-Clip Hose Clamping Pliers...read more 
 €52.25  Buy Now 
 Crankshaft Gear Puller   Crankshaft Gear Puller
It solves the problem of removing the crankshaft timing gear, a gear which must be removed...read more 
 €139.00  Buy Now 
 Crankshaft Pulley Puller Tool   Crankshaft Pulley Puller Tool
...read more 
 €59.00  Buy Now 
 crimp tool, professional use   crimp tool, professional use
Superb quality tool CRIMPING PLIERS WITH RATCHET FUNCTION 0.25-6 MM INSULATED...read more 
 €27.50  Buy Now 
 Cutter, Snips, Side Cutter, Wire Stripper,Top Quality,   Cutter, Snips, Side Cutter, Wire Stripper,Top Quality,
A truly great tool for your tool kit or workshop & at a good price for the high quality....read more 
 €15.45  Buy Now 
 Distributor Drive Puller   Distributor Drive Puller
It allows removal of the distributor drive without splitting crankcase. To be used in...read more 
 €42.50  Buy Now 
 Door Panel, Door Card, Removing Tool   Door Panel, Door Card, Removing Tool
Helps to remove door cards, without breaking clips or damaging the door or the card...read more 
 €14.75  Buy Now 
 Double End Wrench, for Hose Fittings   Double End Wrench, for Hose Fittings
XRP Double End Wrench fits -6 and -8 fittings (blue) Designed and manufactured for...read more 
 €33.30  Buy Now 
 Drill Bit Assorted Box (19 pcs)   Drill Bit Assorted Box (19 pcs)
19 pcs. Grey....read more 
 €22.80  Buy Now 
 Easy Start, Diesel & petrol   Easy Start, Diesel & petrol
Wescom Starting aid spray Starting aid spray Cold starter for all diesel and petrol eng...read more 
 €9.50  Buy Now 
 End Play Measuring Tool   End Play Measuring Tool
End float measuring tool. This tool allows easy measurement of crank end float at hom...read more 
 €28.56  Buy Now 
 Engine stand, heavy duty quality   Engine stand, heavy duty quality
UNIVERSAL...read more 
 €129.00  Buy Now 
 Expansion Springs - 70 pcs Assorted   Expansion Springs - 70 pcs Assorted
Assorted Expansion Springs for various uses. Expansion Springs Zinc Plated...read more 
 €16.90  Buy Now 
 Extension  Bar SET, wobble bar, tilting head, Extension Tool SET   Extension Bar SET, wobble bar, tilting head, Extension Tool SET
9 Pieces tool set KS TOOLS 1/4"+3/8"+1/2" CHROMEPLUS TILTING-HEAD EXTENSIONS SET...read more 
 €60.95  Buy Now 
 Grommet, Assorted Box, Plugs , Blanks, Wiring   Grommet, Assorted Box, Plugs , Blanks, Wiring
This is an assorted box of grommets, every workshop should have one, saves time & money lo...read more 
 €25.00  Buy Now 
 Hose Assembly Tool,  XRP, Koul Tools   Hose Assembly Tool, XRP, Koul Tools
XRP - Koul Tools™ Single -8 Made in USA...read more 
 €35.25  Buy Now 
 Hose Clamp Kit (50pcs)   Hose Clamp Kit (50pcs)
Powerfix 50 pcs. With tool...read more 
 €13.95  Buy Now 
 Knife, Folding Knife , KS Tools, German Quality   Knife, Folding Knife , KS Tools, German Quality
Superb quality tool and good value. With lock, with belt pouch. Perfect tool for...read more 
 €18.50  Buy Now 
 Koul Tool, Kit, 1016, XRP   Koul Tool, Kit, 1016, XRP
The large kit contains the capsules to install -10, -12, -16 hose into their respective so...read more 
 €110.75  Buy Now 
 Latex Gloves, White, 100 Units   Latex Gloves, White, 100 Units
Latex Powder Free Glove. Size Large. Box of 100. Save your hands from dir...read more 
 €13.50  Buy Now 
 Locking Ties   Locking Ties
14'' Tie Wraps, pack of 4....read more 
 €8.85  Buy Now 
 Magnet, Telescopic Magnet ,Tool, indespensible in the workshop   Magnet, Telescopic Magnet ,Tool, indespensible in the workshop
With cleaning needle and mounting clip. This is the tool to use if a nut is dro...read more 
 €12.55  Buy Now 
 Measuring Kit, Combustion Chamber, set your Compression Ratio   Measuring Kit, Combustion Chamber, set your Compression Ratio
Tool, measuring kit to measure the CC of your Cylinder head combustion chamber--essential...read more 
 €25.00  Buy Now 
 Metric Copper Washers Assortment   Metric Copper Washers Assortment
Qty Approx 100 units...read more 
 €12.75  Buy Now 
 Mini Expansion Springs - 50 pcs Assorted   Mini Expansion Springs - 50 pcs Assorted
Assorted Expansion Springs for various uses. Mini Expansion Springs Zinc P...read more 
 €10.15  Buy Now 
 Multi-Function Jump Starter   Multi-Function Jump Starter
14000mAh Multi Function Jump Starter The smallest and lightest portable power w...read more 
 €130.00  Buy Now 
 Multimeter with simple operation (one-handed operation   Multimeter with simple operation (one-handed operation
Description: A simple to use multimeter (one-handed operation), data-hold mode, automatic...read more 
 €75.00  Buy Now 
 Nitrile Gloves, Blue, 100 Units   Nitrile Gloves, Blue, 100 Units
Blue Nitrile Powder Free Glove . Size Large. Box of 100. Keep your hands...read more 
 €14.75  Buy Now 
 Part Box, Storage System   Part Box, Storage System
Size: 230mm x 150mm x 130mm Available in many sizes, keep your workshop or vehicle smal...read more 
 €6.50  Buy Now 
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