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Air Cooled Technology
Porsche Diesel Ireland
Wescom Ireland
  Body Parts
    Product Name+   Price   Buy Now 
 Air Filter Sticker   Air Filter Sticker
Sticker E 4...read more 
 €5.95  Buy Now 
 Arm, Lever, Stering Box, Pittman   Arm, Lever, Stering Box, Pittman
...read more 
 €103.25  Buy Now 
 Axle journal Bush   Axle journal Bush
T80, 30 x 35 x 30mm...read more 
 €37.45  Buy Now 
 Battery Carrier  Bottom Plate   Battery Carrier Bottom Plate
Battery bottom suitable for Steyr T80, T84 and T86 with bracket...read more 
 €118.00  Buy Now 
 Battery Cover   Battery Cover
Steyr T180...read more 
 €91.80  Buy Now 
 Battery Cover Clamp   Battery Cover Clamp
Steyr T180...read more 
 €5.27  Buy Now 
 Bearing Block   Bearing Block
Steyr T80...read more 
 €132.30  Buy Now 
 Bearing Block   Bearing Block
Suitable for Steyr T80...read more 
 €22.68  Buy Now 
 Bearing Bush   Bearing Bush
Bearing bush for removable crank...read more 
 €29.70  Buy Now 
 Bolt, Stud, for wheel   Bolt, Stud, for wheel
T 180, 188, 70mm , Thread length 26mm Head 24mm...read more 
 €42.50  Buy Now 
 Bolt, Stud, for wheel   Bolt, Stud, for wheel
T 80, 84,180, 55mm, Thread L 17mm,Head 20mm...read more 
 €44.35  Buy Now 
 Bolts for Hitch   Bolts for Hitch
...read more 
 €14.58  Buy Now 
 Bonnet   Bonnet
Pairing Plus 3 cylinder plus 30, 40, 540, 545, 548...read more 
 €322.52  Buy Now 
 Bonnet   Bonnet
Used instead of: 293130130 Pairing Plus 4 cylinder 50, 60, 650, 658, 760, 768...read more 
 €337.37  Buy Now 
 Bonnet Support Tape  997000001   Bonnet Support Tape 997000001
Bonnet Support Tape 997000001 per bonnet Goes under the bonnet at dash or wher bonnet...read more 
 €20.00  Buy Now 
 Bonnet tensioner   Bonnet tensioner
Bonnet tensioner for Steyr eg: 188...read more 
 €10.80  Buy Now 
 Bonnet tensioner  C4 Steyr T180 10025   Bonnet tensioner C4 Steyr T180 10025
Bonnet tensioner for Steyr T180a T280a...read more 
 €24.30  Buy Now 
 Bracket , Mounting   Bracket , Mounting
T 80, T84, T86...read more 
 €45.85  Buy Now 
 Chasis Plate Steyr 188  2861884105   Chasis Plate Steyr 188 2861884105
Nameplate for Steyr 188...read more 
 €23.50  Buy Now 
 Chasis Plate Steyr T80  676844105-80   Chasis Plate Steyr T80 676844105-80
Type plate form, including the weight specifications for Steyr 15 Type T80 Bj, Fg.Nr.?And...read more 
 €23.50  Buy Now 
 Chasis Plate Steyr T80/280  676844105-00   Chasis Plate Steyr T80/280 676844105-00
Type plate without form suitable for Steyr T80/280 must be taken all the numbers....read more 
 €23.50  Buy Now 
 Chasis/Nameplate Mounting Pin   Chasis/Nameplate Mounting Pin
Round head grooved pin 3x12 mm for mounting of nameplates unit price...read more 
 €0.45  Buy Now 
 Console For Fender   Console For Fender
Console for T80 and T84 fender...read more 
 €48.60  Buy Now 
 Console to the Right   Console to the Right
Suitable for Steyr T80...read more 
 €22.68  Buy Now 
 Conversion Kit / Alternator 33A   Conversion Kit / Alternator 33A
Conversion kit / alternator 33A with built-in regulator. Ideally conversion kit for all th...read more 
 €178.20  Buy Now 
 Crank Handle   Crank Handle
Crank handle fixed to match Steyr?...read more 
 €101.25  Buy Now 
 Crank Holder   Crank Holder
Crank holder...read more 
 €29.57  Buy Now 
 Decal set for Steyr T180a/280a  28610182   Decal set for Steyr T180a/280a 28610182
Decal set for Steyr T180a/280a 4 pieces...read more 
 €26.00  Buy Now 
 Decal set for Steyr T80  28610015   Decal set for Steyr T80 28610015
Decal set for Steyr T80 4 pieces...read more 
 €26.00  Buy Now 
 Decal set for Steyr T84  28610018   Decal set for Steyr T84 28610018
Decal set for Steyr T84 4 pieces...read more 
 €26.50  Buy Now 
 Decal set for Warchalowski  28681910020   Decal set for Warchalowski 28681910020
Decal set for Warchalowski...read more 
 €49.50  Buy Now 
 Double-spoke steering wheel   Double-spoke steering wheel
T80, T84, T86, 188, 190...read more 
 €172.80  Buy Now 
 Drawbar.Steyr + various tractors   Drawbar.Steyr + various tractors
Steyr T80, T84, T86, T180 ++ 8 hole...read more 
 €138.00  Buy Now 
 Driver Seat Rubber   Driver Seat Rubber
Driver Seat rubber for Steyr T80/T84/T86/T180?...read more 
 €35.10  Buy Now 
 Driver Seat Shock Absorber   Driver Seat Shock Absorber
Shock absorber for the driver's seat for Steyr 180a...read more 
 €79.65  Buy Now 
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Air Cooled Parts
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